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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Lead-time: We aim to dispatch on the day which we confirm as the dispatch date in the Order Confirmation email sent to the customer upon receipt of their validated order.

Our quoted lead-time will start from receipt of both a validated order and print ready artwork from the customer, whichever is the latest to be received. For example, an order received on a Monday with a 3 day dispatch lead-time will be dispatched on the Thursday of that week. If artwork requires customer approval then the lead time will start from receipt of the customer’s approval. We aim to return artwork for approval within 3 days subject to workload.

Whilst we make every effort to dispatch on time, we do not guarantee that we will be able to meet this dispatch date, and we do not accept liability for any costs you may incur due to late delivery or delivery of incorrect goods or delivery of damaged goods nor do we offer any compensation or refund in these cases other than the fast delivery surcharge. It is our policy to re-print damaged or incorrect goods.

A customer order is not validated until we are in receipt of either;
An accompanying purchase order if the customer has an authorized credit account,
A full payment if the customer does not have an authorized credit account.

Delivery using overnight courier: Courier deliveries are scheduled to arrive between 9am and 6pm on the following working day after dispatch for UK mainland addresses, excepting remote areas; please call if you suspect your area is remote. Courier deliveries can be made on a Saturday by paying a Saturday delivery surcharge. The courier will not leave the goods if there is no one at the address to receive them, and in this situation they will return the following working day. Where an attempted delivery was made unsuccessfully due to no answer at the address then the customer will be required to pay for subsequent delivery attempts.
We do not accept liability for any costs you may incur due to late delivery or delivery of incorrect goods or delivery of damaged goods nor do we offer any compensation or refund in these cases other than the fast delivery surcharge.

Cancellations and Refunds

Should you decide to cancel your order for any reason we will not make any refund if work has been carried out to produce your goods. In cases where we have dispatched your goods and a delivery has been attempted we will require you to pay for a further delivery should you want another delivery attempted.
We do not make refunds for goods arriving damaged and will only re-produce goods which are damaged if they are signed for as 'damaged' on the couriers delivery note copy, and we will require a photograph of the damaged goods to be sent to us, and may also require the goods to be returned to us for inspection.
We do not make refunds or provide re-prints free of charge where the colour accuracy of the prints we supply are not acceptable to the customer unless we have prior agreement to match to a sample print which the customer has approved.


We require our Customers to ensure that they have the legal copyright for all Images supplied to us for printing, and that this copyright covers the reproduction of these images as is necessary for us to produce the goods as ordered by that customer.

We require our customers to ensure that the image content of their images supplied to us for printing does not offend others and is legal from a censorship viewpoint, and would not be illegal to reproduce, own or be in possession of for any reason whatsoever. We do not accept responsibility for any offence which may be caused by printed goods which we have produced for our customers under their instruction.

We reserve the right to use product photos and graphics of any goods we produce or supply for marketing or training purposes. If your prints are of a sensitive nature or you do not want them to be displayed in our marketing material please let us know in writing and we will not use them.

Web Generated Pricing Errors

Occasionally web generated prices can suffer errors and we reserve the right to correct these errors and thus change prices accordingly on quotations and orders placed which contain an erroneous price, and this correction may be made at any time even after placing an order.

Print Dimension Accuracy

Due to the larger sizes of prints we produce, and the methods employed in production, our prints are subject to an inherent margin of dimensional error, which is dependent on the printing / production method employed. For photo-quality prints this is simply up to 2mm of error on any dimension. For UV curing prints this is the greater of either +- 2mm, or +-0.2% of the dimension; e.g. a 500mm long print could be between 498 and 502mm, or a 1000mm long print could be 998mm and 1002mm, a 2000mm print could be between 1996 and 2004mm.

Advice for time-critical deliveries

If your order is required for an event or other time-critical reason, then we advise you to order in advance of your date a period equal to twice the leadtime you opt for; for example, if your delivery date is 20th May, and you are using our 5 day service, then order by 10th of May, which allows time to re-print in the event of your goods being lost or damaged in transit.

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